We introduce ourselves as manufacturers and exporters of Pakistani Gemstone, Precious & Semi-Precious stone and Jewelry, Antique and Vintage jewelry, handcrafted items. Our parent company has been involved in exporting Marble, Onyx and Granite since more than 3 decades. We deal in blocks, slabs, tiles and handicrafts to Europe, Far East Asia and The Middle East. (Parent Company Webpage:

Owner’s Story:

Since i was a child, I was destined to run the onyx, marble and gemstone family business because that is what i have been hearing and seeing in my house. When my grandfather started this business, i remember helping my father and my uncles with the packaging of stone made handicrafts which we used to sell to Far East Asian countries, maybe this is why I have always dreamed of running it and be a part of it. I have been involved in this business since high school and we have been exporting onyx, marble, gemstone and semi-precious stone items & jewelry for 36 years now (since 1976).

Since time has changed and everything is now going online, I have decided to take my two generations old family business online into the future. Following the same decades old code of conduct of honesty, hardwork and dedication.